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Would you love to discover your true life purpose and live a more Soul filled Life?  In this Embrace Your Soul Masterclass you'll receive personal attention and readings tailored just for you!


*There is a limit of 10 spaces available for this masterclass to ensure everyone gets the most out of this 12-week coaching program


Registration is now OPEN!


Our focus: mastering energy & frequency systems, visioning, soul origination, using your intuition, connecting with your personal archangels, spirit guides, and discovering past life meaning.​

In this program you will receive:

  • A personal roadmap to unleash your sacred creativity

  • Guidance to trust your inner knowing

  • A deep understanding of how to live in the physical with your soul in the driver’s seat!


During each live call, you receive a weekly meditation, check-in, "special teaching" and Q & A.  I’m so happy to be your personal coach to guide you as we move through these 12 weeks together! 

I’m here for you and I love you. 

Embrace Your Soul Group Masterclass and 12 Week Group Coaching Program

$1,297.00 Regular Price
$1,197.00Sale Price