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Referral Program

By referring a good thing you get good things back

If you enjoyed your experience in my programs and/or benefited from my services, I'd like to invite you to join my Referral Partner Program. 

Join the program and you’ll create a passive income stream that will earn you a little or a lot of residual income.  By referring a good thing you get good things back.

I believe bigger is definitely better when it comes to commission checks

I love on you when you love on me.  I believe that bigger is definitely better when it comes to the commission checks I send out.  By the way, there is no cost in becoming a referral partner or affiliate.


When someone signs up for any of my services using your code it’s a win-win-win! Your referee gets a 5% discount on beneficial services to help them live their best life, I get to help more people and you get to feel good about that - - and earn a 10% commission.

What it means to be a Referral Partner

A referral partner is someone who values my work and wants to share the value with others.  If you want others to reap the same benefits you experienced, simply spread the word. Approved referral partners will have a unique code that their community use to link to recommended programs or services. When your community invests, you get a commission check.

Ways you can share your code

Once you are a referral partner, you're welcome to place your custom links on your website, blog, community communications and social media accounts. 


  • You can post about my readings or programs on social media and include your referral code in the post.  

  • Write a review about your experience and encourage others to benefit from my services by using your referral code.  

  • Do you know someone who could benefit from a reading or one of my programs?  If so, send them my way with your referral code.  

  • Be sincere, by sharing your referral code, you're helping them get an experience that will help them discover their life purpose and live a more soul filled life.

How you earn commissions

I appreciate you letting people know about the value of my readings and programs. Your referrals mean I can continue to help people and for that reason I'm thrilled to write your commission checks. You earn commissions every time your links are used.  By letting your community know about my services via your custom links, sales always track back to you.


Here’s how it works

You are Savvy Susie...

Savvy Susie posts something fun about the Embrace Your Soul Masterclass because she’s been in it for a while. Her post includes an invite with her own special custom code.


Wonderful Wanda, Savvy Susie’s BFF (who knows, likes, and trusts Susie), thinks it sounds super-cool, so she decides to sign up using the special referral code. When she signs up, Wonderful Wanda gets 5% off the Embrace Your Soul Masterclass, and Susie gets a 10% commission.

EVERY TIME Savvy Susie's link is used Savvy Susie gets a commission check!  Savvy Susie, posted the link on her social pages and it gets used by someone else, Savvy Susie continues to earn commissions.


So easy!  


Be Savvy Susie and apply to become a referral partner.


Win, Win, Win!  


If you want a code to track commissions back to you, complete apply now.

How do the commissions break down?

You will receive 10% commission on all sales originating from your custom referral link.

By letting your community know about my services and referring the your custom links, you earn commissions on sales every time.  For as long as you're a referral partner, your custom links always track back to you.

I pay referral partners a commission on referrals for years to come.  Commissions are paid out via PayPal on a quarterly basis.


If you have any questions regarding commissions or have any questions before joining, please feel free to contact me.


Are you the right fit?

Referral Partner Criteria

I’m looking for referral partners that are a good match.  Are you a positive, spiritual-oriented person who operates with integrity and wants to uplift the lives of others?  The ideal referral partner will see the tremendous value my readings and programs bring.


Referral partners will have participated in a program or service offered by me, or are connected with me on any of my social media platforms and will be aligned in the same core values.

*sales achieved via spamming are not allowed

and do not qualify for commissions*

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Become a Referral partner, it's easy!

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It’s easy-peasy

Earn generous commissions for life!

If you’d like to discuss any promotional ideas, or you would like to host me, Sharon Caren, for a free intro live in-person or Zoom presentation for your online or in-person community, just let me know by calling 650-922-7951 or send me an email: 

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