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Astrid Coustier
- Event Organizer,
East West Bookshop
Mountain View, CA

"Sharon Caren is one of our favorite presenters here at East West. Not only is she delightful to work with, but the attendees truly resonate with her warm and open heart. Her topics are both timely and well prepared. We get excellent feedback, she is just what people are looking for! Sharon is wonderful and brings such joy to her events. She’s able to connect with people from all walks of life and every age. If you are looking for an engaging and empowering speaker or workshop leader, you will love Sharon Caren."


Elle Ballard
- Founder, Women of the World

Sharon is an uplifting speaker who shares about spiritual concepts in a way that is compelling to listen to, is easy to follow and makes sense.  She gives tools that audiences can take away and her kind and gracious nature make me confident that we are going to have a great program every time one of our chapters books Sharon. She is a gift for any audience.


Caterina Rando
- Founder The Thriving Women in Business Community and Center

Sharon is a dynamic and energetic speaker who brings so much heart to her presentation. She makes everyone in the room feel good and she shares her insights and ideas in a way that makes them easy to work and embrace. Sharon is also a great speaker partner, she is a joy to work with and I look forwards to booking her again ASAP.