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Take your spiritual practice to the next level

Now is the time to step into your personal power. With structure and guidance, I provide supportive tools to serve your connection with the infinite and live your best life.


In this program you receive:

  • Property Clearing

  • 8 - 60 minute personal coaching calls with Sharon

  • A personal roadmap to unleash your sacred creativity

  • Guidance to trust your inner knowing

  • A deep understanding of how to live in the physical with your soul in the driver’s seat!

Personal Coaching

Spiritual Deep Dive

An eight-week personal one-on-one coaching program for custom and accelerated  benefits 



"I met Sharon through a mutual friend who recommended her spiritual work in the Akashic Field is a must for growth and transformation. I can honestly say this was true and she assisted me in connecting with my infinite nature. I learned my personality was actually formed from my soul group and my unique purpose comes from realizing what I’ve come into this life to do in the here and now. The dots were connected and I understood why I do what I do! There were energies around me that I had no awareness of, and once cleared, allows me to show up, transform spiritually and be the best version of myself."