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My Programs

These programs are for those on their divine soul path and who have been called to this work.  These are intensive programs and enrollment is on an ongoing basis.  Jump in anytime.

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8 Week Spiritual Deep Dive 
Personal Coaching Program

Contact me if you want to pay in installments

Take your spiritual practice to the next level. Now is the time to step into your personal power. With structure and guidance, I provide supportive tools to serve your connection with the infinite and live your best life.


In this program you receive:

  • Property Clearing

  • 8 - 60 minute personal coaching calls with Sharon

  • A personal roadmap to unleash your sacred creativity

  • Guidance to trust your inner knowing

  • A deep understanding of how to live in the physical with your soul in the driver’s seat!

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Embrace Your Soul


New Groups Starting in November 2021


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Would you love to discover your true life purpose and live a more soul filled life?

In this 12-week Embrace Your Soul Masterclass is a group coaching masterclass in which you'll receive personal attention and readings tailored just for you!


Our focus: mastering energy & frequency systems, visioning, soul origination, using your intuition, connecting with your personal archangels, spirit guides, and discovering past life meaning.​

In this program you will receive:

  • A personal roadmap to unleash your sacred creativity

  • Guidance to trust your inner knowing

  • A deep understanding of how to live in the physical with your soul in the driver’s seat!


During each live call, you receive a weekly meditation, check-in, "special teaching" and Q & A. I’m so happy to be your personal coach to guide you as we move through these 12 weeks together! 

I’m here for you and I love you. 

Registration is now OPEN

find the investment that suits you

Limited spaces available, choose your investment below.

12-week program - Tuesday evenings at 6 PM PST

Starting November 2 - January 18th, 2022

You've already had a reading, you will attend this masterclass and you want an Installment Plan to make payment easier.

You will get a reading, attend the masterclass and you want to get the one-payment discount.

You will get a reading, attend the  masterclass and you want an Installment Plan to make payment easier.

You've already had a reading, you will attend the masterclass and want the one-payment discount.


Embrace Your Soul


"In my Embrace Your Soul Group Coaching program with Sharon, after just a couple of weeks, I felt uplifted and empowered to make several decisions I hadn’t been able to do before. I felt supported and much more balanced with the Chakra work we did and love the community of like-minded souls in the group. I no longer feel alone and very connected like I have not felt in years. It’s wonderful to open my heart again and be decisive. I am grateful!"



Akashic Training Certification Class

Calling all Light Workers – It’s time to take action by choosing to express your divinity. This work is needed now more than ever. Souls are looking to work with you and you alone! I’m excited to share this expressive system from the Akashic field soul work with you.

You’ll incorporate this comprehensive work into the work you are providing currently, offer it as an added service, or create a new business as an Akashic Record Reader and Coach, or go through the course to deepen your personal spiritual connection and transformation. Whatever capacity you apply this special work, your life will be uplifted and transformed. Congratulations on taking your next step on this spiritual journey.

This class is ongoing. Sign up and proceed at your own pace. 

When choosing a Mentor, it’s most important to find:

  • Someone who truly understands how success occurs

  • Someone who has achieved the results you want

  • Someone who cares about you and your dream of success.


I love leading new readers through this program!

What you will receive:

  • Understanding of how to read Akashic Record

  • Your Soul Work Book in PDF Format

  • Pendulum training video and worksheet

  • 8 – 75 Minute Tele-Classes Pre-Recorded Calls

  • 2 Q&A calls a month available when you pay in full for 4 consecutive month

  • Receive your Certification to Access and Read The Akashic Records


With this training you will learn to:

  • Find a deeper connection to your true nature - your soul

  • Identify soul groups and characteristic

  • Identify Archangel realms of training – your purpose

  • Developing the trust and skill using the pendulum

  • Increase your percentage of accuracy using the pendulum

  • Trust your intuition (gut)

  • Open and increase your clairvoyant ability

  • Develop and embody the power you were born with to help other

  • Experience living from higher frequency and live your best life



For more information or questions contact me!

Breakthrough to Brilliance with Sharon


Personal Coaching Packages


As your spiritual guide and coach, I assist in opening a new doorway to a higher frequency to create a life you love. With the structure of support, we'll create changes in your life that you’ve not been able to achieve, up until now!


You'll learn tools to move you into a happier life by applying proven tools and taking action steps - nothing happens without action.

Your Soul is calling to take your spiritual practice to the next level. You’ll satisfy a deep longing to step into your personal power and live your life on purpose.

Payment options available, contact me for arrangements