About Sharon

I love sharing my work in the Akashic Field with those who seek more connection with Spirit. Why would we want or need this information? I believe it's to become the best version of ourselves and be happier in this life while evolving spiritually. 

When I found the Melchizedek Priesthood system of practice, it connected the dots for me. I suddenly had a new understanding of how everything is connected, and everything is ONE. This sense of connection gave me a very calm and profound knowing that I've been able to share with others. I'm living my life's purpose and dedicated to helping you to live yours.

It's my understanding that we are all here on Earth because we chose to come here to do the hard stuff. The fact that you are here now- means you are a powerful and committed Soul. Earth isn't for sissy's; Earth is for beings who are ready to make significant shifts on the Planet. 

It is my mission to help women in transition to move successfully into a life they love. If you are a woman who's adjusting to life as a new mother, looking for the love of your life, lost a job, your children have moved away, relocated or retired, suffered an illness, suffered the death of a husband or child, or if you know you've come to do something special in this life, you have!  

I work as the facilitator bringing you the information to live your life on purpose by sharing the knowledge that your soul wants you to know. I would love to work with you either through an Akashic reading and clearing, spiritual coaching and classes to learn how to access these answers in your Akashic Field

I love sharing my passion for Akashic work and how it's changed my Spiritual Healing Practice and My Life.

In love and light,

Sharon Caren 

Spiritual Intuitive, Speaker, Coach, and Author in the Anthology, Breakthrough to Peace, Love and Unity.

My Story

What prompted my first Akashic Reading –

My mother had been very very sick for 18 months and was afraid to pass. I had paid for a trip that was expiring if we didn’t go so my husband Dave and I went. The day we were returning from Kauai - my mom’s favorite Island - I got the call she passed that morning. 


When I got home, I felt her presence very heavy in my space. I had a colleague who planned to Read my Akashic Records, so I contacted her. When I told her my mom passed, we got right to it and found that my mother was Earth Bound – this happens when souls are afraid to pass or maybe in an accident of sudden death and the soul becomes disoriented and actually gets stuck in between dimensions. 


This is the most important point for each one of us to develop - the understanding of how to pass quickly and safely going through the tunnel of light. Anytime a soul is stuck where it doesn’t belong, that is  Hell. Feeling relieved, we were able to ask for a 3rd order escort to take my mom to her Astral Plain justly earned. The entire reading was so affirming, I knew on a super-conscious level, this information accessed from my record was correct! 

That was twenty-five years ago... I heard my Soul’s longing and began my vocation as a healer.

I would love to learn your story and how I can help you find your Soul Purpose too.