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About  Sharon

Sharon Caren is a spiritual intuitive, author, speaker and coach. After a near-death experience 25 years ago, she became deeply connected to the spiritual world and the advantages of working within it. Her life’s work is now in the Akashic Records, helping people connect with their soul purpose, step into their personal power, and discover their path to a happy and fulfilled life. Sharon is known for her fluency and depth of spiritual wisdom, her mastery in identifying blockages and releasing old energies, and her compassionate, intuitive approach to transformation. She co-authored the Amazon bestselling anthology Break Free to Peace, Love and Unity and has been interviewed on shows such as Spiritually Raw and Karen Wright LIVE. 


Sharon works with individuals offering initial soul readings and clearings. Unwanted energies are identified and cleared, and clients get to know their soul group, purpose and gifts. People often report feeling deeply affirmed within themselves, lighter, and empowered in their life path and purpose. For clients who want to go further, she offers coaching programs to support and guide them in opening doors to personal transformation for greater love, abundance, wellbeing and fulfilment. Sharon also teaches group Akashic Records courses for those wanting to access the records, deepen their intuitive gifts, grow their spiritual awareness and live more aligned and connected lives.


Best Seller

Break Free to Peace, Love & Unity

Find the path to your best health and spiritual wellness


I'm honored to have been trained under Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey, both legendary figures in the world of personal development

My  Story

What prompted my first Akashic Reading –

My mother had been very very sick for 18 months and was afraid to pass. I had paid for a trip that was expiring if we didn’t go so my husband Dave and I went. The day we were returning from Kauai - my mom’s favorite Island - I got the call she passed that morning. 


When I got home, I felt her presence very heavy in my space. I had a colleague who planned to Read my Akashic Records, so I contacted her. When I told her my mom passed, we got right to it and found that my mother was Earth Bound – this happens when souls are afraid to pass or maybe in an accident of sudden death and the soul becomes disoriented and actually gets stuck in between dimensions. 


This is the most important point for each one of us to develop - the understanding of how to pass quickly and safely going through the tunnel of light. Anytime a soul is stuck where it doesn’t belong, that is  Hell. Feeling relieved, we were able to ask for a 3rd order escort to take my mom to her Astral Plain justly earned. The entire reading was so affirming, I knew on a super-conscious level, this information accessed from my record was correct! 

That was twenty-five years ago... I heard my Soul’s longing and began my vocation as a healer.

I would love to learn your story and how I can help you find your Soul Purpose too.

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"Sharon is a powerful woman with a kind and gentle soul. Her passion, concern and love for others inspire her to serve. She genuinely cares about each being in her presence. Her deep connection to her spiritual nature allows her to help clients step into a life they love living. Sharon uses her incredible gifts to help others gain clarity about their own lives. She is knowledgeable and skilled in several modalities. I love that Sharon tunes in and truly cares about each being she serves. I have learned and grown from the deep wisdom she has imparted to me on several occasions. Working with Sharon will add so much to your life.” 

LaSchelle Low My Best Life Now LLC

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