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Personal Chakra Reading &
Strategy Call

Value $297
Pay only $97

This Chakra Reading & Strategy Call will help you understand how open or blocked each of your Chakras are. This is a diagnostic tool to help you determine where you are with your chakra energy right now, where you want to be and what steps to take to be fully open and clear. This is your starting point to embrace your soul and assist you on your journey to transformation. 

To complete your Reading I'll need:

  • Your name at birth;

  • Any other names you’ve used legally since birth;

  • Your date of birth; and

  • A picture of you.  


As a special bonus, you will also receive the following tools that will help you achieve greater wellbeing in a shorter time:

  • Chakra Affirmations (Value $27)

  • Chakra Guide (Value $27)

  • Map of Consciousness (Value $27)

  • 8 Minute Chakra Meditation (Value $27)

That is a total savings of $308 when you purchase today!

Breakthrough To Brillance
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