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Rave Reviews

It makes my heart light when I hear back from those I've helped.  It is my mission to help people in transition to move successfully into a life they love and when you succeed, I succeed too.



“Sharon’s Akashic Record training is the best out there by far in terms of the level of detail, explanation, content and support. You can build a thriving business based on what Sharon teaches you to do in this program. Whether you’re a novice or already have a healing practice, you can learn to do this work. Having Sharon answer questions for you is invaluable. I don’t believe there is a better Akashic Record reader around, so to have her as your guide and mentor is amazing. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to deepen their own work and help others.”

LAUREN BROLLIER, Founder of Soul Savvy

“I competed the Akashic Training Certification program taught by Sharon Caren several years ago and it continues to amaze me with its usefulness and pertinence to daily life events. Have you ever met a person for the first time and had an immediate feeling of deep closeness and an unspoken understanding of them? As part of this class you will learn about your soul group family, their characteristics, past lives and contracts you’ve made with members of your soul family.  It is a profound discovery and one that adds depth to life."


"I’ve used the Akashic Training Certification to do property clearings, answer questions pertaining to important choices, replace protective shields, and clear away any impediments to living the best life you can. Sharon’s training is concise, complete, includes a workbook and recordings, plus time with Sharon to ask questions or clarify any subjects.She is the real deal!”




“I've had my Akashic Records read several times before but Sharon Caren took it to a new level! She was able to dial into the roadblock that everyone else also pointed out, but was the only one to provide tools to remedy the roadblock! If you're looking for insight into situations you're dealing with, schedule a time to meet with Sharon!”

DENISE O'MALLEY, Founder and Healthy Living Maestro, You Define Wellness 

“Sharon Caren is a highly gifted psychic with expansive connection to Spirit and the Akashic Records.  I have had many other readings and have my own connection with the Akashic Records.  Sharon gave me information that I had never heard before or found for myself.  Two revelations have been life-changing for me.  My life path/purpose is much clearer and I now understand the why behind many of my tendencies, as well as more of the amazing matrix of all of my past lives integrated into my present.  And she does all of this with palpable love and joy.  What a delightful, uplifting and meaningful experience!  I am grateful.”

KATHRYN BREWER, Mentor, Facilitator and Soul Alchemist

“When I realized that I had a soul contract with my mother after my reading/clearing with Sharon, I was able to move past my negative and troublesome feelings. I realized there was a bigger picture at hand. This was quite an education and I’ve referred her to all of my family members.”


“My husband and I got married after my Soul Work with Sharon. She helped us to understand some old contracts we had from past lives and how to clear them. We are now able to move forward in love and joy! When you think you may have exhausted all hope, don’t give up and try this wonderful, life-changing soul work.”


“I’ve been doing fine with everything we discussed. The soul clearing work has really helped me a whole lot especially with understanding things in a new light. I bought the book you’d recommended called ‘Soul Mastery’ and find it a remarkable book that provides great insights about how the different soul characteristics work in this life. I’d like to work with you again to learn more about my spirit guides.”


“Sharon, you have opened the door to new area’s of understanding for me so I can directly go to work on my book project. I no longer feel stuck and have the power, ability and courage to do be productive. You have opened my heart, cleared my mind and given me the clarity to do what for my next steps at this moment. I’m so grateful for you and your expertise to see beyond the 5 senses. I feel more connected than ever before. Thank you for getting me back on track. I am grateful.”

BETH BOLTON, Bestselling Author 



"I met Sharon through a mutual friend who recommended her spiritual work in the Akashic Field is a must for growth and transformation. I can honestly say this was true and she assisted me in connecting with my infinite nature. I learned my personality was actually formed from my soul group and my unique purpose comes from realizing what I’ve come into this life to do in the here and now. The dots were connected and I understood why I do what I do! There were energies around me that I had no awareness of, and once cleared, allows me to show up, transform spiritually and be the best version of myself."


“I found Sharon from an online interview. I was drawn to contact her for a reading/healing. With the information accessed from my Akashic field, she explained who I am in the non-physical and my soul purpose. What a wonderful affirmation! The old energy hanging around me has cleared away. After my reading and coaching program with Sharon, the voids and folds of my life were filled up by my loving heart energy. In the past, I ran on fear and overwhelm... I now have an unspoken knowing and understanding deep within. I'm so calm and peaceful. I'm no longer live from the old matrix. I am grateful!”

With much joy, JIOIA DeLEON

"I had the opportunity to work with Sharon for eight weeks and what I learned in those eight weeks about my mind, body and spirit was so transformational. This isn’t just a class teaching theories, working with Sharon has allowed me to connect with the universe intuitively, and love my body unconditionally. 
Right in the beginning, Sharon taught me that we have to take care of our bodies because they are the vessels that allow us to have a human experience. I opened up to her about ways in which I struggled with my own body image. We quickly began to do work with Chakras and energy, and I discovered the blockages that prevented me from truly loving my body. We discussed concrete ways to change my relationship with my body for the better. It was through her teachings that I understood the unconditional love our bodies had for us, and that we must do the same in return. It is through grounding our energies and connecting with our bodies that allows us to
truly live at our fullest. 
Sharon also helped me discover my purpose. Through her work with the Akashic records, I was able to understand why I have the opportunity to live the life that I live and what my mission is. This type of connection can’t be seen or heard, it can only be felt. Sharon helped me connect with this purpose intuitively, and it is like the thread that strings all the loose beads together. Suddenly it all makes sense! 
I am confident that I will go on creating impact in this world, and it starts with taking care of my body. I am incredibly grateful for the transformation I went through over the last few months, and I couldn’t have done it without Sharon! 


Julia Hou - Business Owner, Entrepreneur 



Group Coaching Program

"In my Embrace Your Soul Group Coaching program with Sharon, after just a couple of weeks, I felt uplifted and empowered to make several decisions I hadn’t been able to do before. I felt supported and much more balanced with the Chakra work we did and love the community of like-minded souls in the group. I no longer feel alone and very connected like I have not felt in years. It’s wonderful to open my heart again and be decisive. I am grateful!"


“Sharon is amazing! She gives you lots of love and guidance and a little bit of tough love here and there to help you notice your patterns and increase your intuition voice.  She helps you listen to your most authentic self by simply saying "What would you love?"  In the beginning, it can feel hard responding to that but by the end, you are flowing with it!  I simply can't help but say thank you so much, Sharon! Your methods and knowledge were one of the key components of what I needed to do for myself! It's a great investment for a lifelong exchange of living your truth and radiance! I'll be 25 years of age in April, and have a long and vibrate life to live in joy and happiness! I now have tools to help me in my daily practice! Living life to the fullest in my truth!  Thank you, Sharon!”


“There were many things in my life that never made any sense to me. After coaching with Sharon, for the first time, I could make sense out of my life! I found a deep connection to my soul and purpose that empowers me in moving forward with strength and wisdom. She shared concepts of universal spirituality and how we are connected to all that is. Through Sharon’s beautiful soul, my life has changed. I live my life on purpose now that I understand the rest of my story…”


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"Sharon Caren is one of our favorite presenters here at East West. Not only is she delightful to work with, but the attendees truly resonate with her warm and open heart. Her topics are both timely and well prepared. We get excellent feedback, she is just what people are looking for! Sharon is wonderful and brings such joy to her events. She’s able to connect with people from all walks of life and every age. If you are looking for an engaging and empowering speaker or workshop leader, you will love Sharon Caren."

ASTRID COUSTIER, Event Organizer, East West Bookshop Mountain View, CA

"Sharon is an amazing speaker, she immediately put you at ease by her open and warm personality. She also loves giving simple tools for listeners to act on leaving them feeling inspired. Sharon reminds you of a bigger picture and to live in a state of grace. She’s a great and uplifting speaker!"

SEEMA GIRI - 2x #1 International Best Selling & Award-Winning Author, Author Mentor and Publisher

"Sharon is an uplifting speaker who shares about spiritual concepts in a way that is compelling to listen to, is easy to follow and makes sense.  She gives tools that audiences can take away and her kind and gracious nature make me confident that we are going to have a great program every time one of our chapters books Sharon. She is a gift for any audience."

ELLE BALLARD, Founder, Women of the World

"Sharon is a dynamic and energetic speaker who brings so much heart to her presentation. She makes everyone in the room feel good and she shares her insights and ideas in a way that makes them easy to work and embrace. Sharon is also a great speaker partner, she is a joy to work with and I look forwards to booking her again ASAP."

CATERINA RANDO, Founder The Thriving Women in Business Community and Center

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Discovery Call

I would love to officially introduce myself and get to know you. Schedule your complimentary 20 min discovery call and we can discuss a path that will best support you in our work together.

In love and light


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