Readings & Clearings

The Akashic Records offer empowerment and transformation by lending us the wisdom, guidance, and energetic support that we need in this lifetime.  These records have a tremendous influence upon our everyday lives and are there waiting for you to tap into the knowledge so you can step into your journey on a fresh path.

Akashic Record Workings


Deepening your Soul Connection

What is an Akashic Record – Everything has an energetic record around it for all time. Past (memory), Present (draws people, experiences & lessons for evolution) and future (the ever-evolving possibilities). Think about the Record like the Universe’s super-computer system. Not only the central storehouse of ALL information, the Record is interactive and influences everyday life. The Record is what we Read. You too can learn how to read the Records

Why a Reading/Clearing:

  • Live each day from a place of peace and connectedness.

  • Bring in the love, abundance and fulfillment you long for.

  • Clear blockages from this life and past lives.


This work is the missing link from the physical to the metaphysical.

As your personal Spiritual Guide and Coach, I’ll assist in opening a new doorway to a higher frequency for you to create a life you love. Below are some options to best support you in our work together.

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There are 4 pieces of information required via email to Open and Read your Akashic Records:

  • Your date of birth

  • Your name at birth

  • Any other names you’ve used legally

  • A photo of you 

All Readings/Clearings (Except the Mini - reading) start with the information collection required above, followed by a block of time where the reading and clearing is completed.  Once complete, we have a 1-hour conference to explain your Soul Map and the information that came forward from the clearing. The 1-hour conference is recorded and sent to you for your ongoing access.


Your Soul's Beginning

Reading and Clearing


A Soul Reading is a snapshot of who you are on the Soul level in the Spirit World. You realize your Soul origination, strengths and life’s purpose. This lifetime is a microcosm of who you are in the other dimension. With this information, you’ll embrace the most powerful part of yourself and live from this place in the here and now.

After your clearing, present and past life agreements and contracts, along with on-going challenges, are removed like erasing a chalkboard and starting anew. They may have shown up as old, troublesome energetic patterns that no longer served you. When cleared, you'll have a high-frequency love vibration that acts as a natural negativity repellent and gain new insight with answers to life’s questions.

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Find What You Love

Reading and Clearing


Begin a new awareness now to continue this love throughout a Lifetime…here’s how:

I offer you a Soul Reading in Love.  Live the life you love living with your Akashic Love Reading.

Whether you're looking for your Soul Mate, Life Partner or deepen your current relationship with love and passion, transformation happens by taking this action step!

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Your Dream Career Path Reading and Clearing

Are you feeling unsatisfied or "stuck" at your current career/job?  Do you feel there is more for you in this life but are unsure of how that looks? I can help!

By accessing your Akashic field, I can help to bring joy to your life and energize you.  What is your life's purpose? What kind of work can you do to fuel your soul and get you excited to start each day?  We can find these answers and more with your Akasic Career record reading.


Property Clearing


Clean up the environmental energy of your home, apartment, office or land. Many clients are realtors who know fresh energy is paramount when buying and selling property. Using the Records, the energy frequency is measured in living spaces and land.


The earth has been around for a long time and one piece of land may have many different uses throughout ages. It’s important to know old energies from the past are not transferred to the new owner. Earthbound spirits or old negative practices can leave a most uncomfortable feeling around or on the land. When the property is cleared and blessed, light shields are placed to allow only the love frequency in for the good health of all concerned.


Situational Clearing


A situational clearing can be extremely useful for lawsuits, mediations or similar complex circumstances that involve numerous individuals and concerns.


Information is first gathered from the Records on all aspects of the issue. White, golden light is brought to the situation and blessings are given. The entire disagreement is surrounded by light energy and brought back into alignment for the greatest good of all. This allows the “situation” to work in the most beneficial way for all involved. Just imagine how bringing the sacred light/love energy into a collection of confusing circumstances can create a positive outcome.


Animal Clearing


Bringing in light energy frequency to our beloved furry friends of the animal kingdom is truly an honor. These beings cannot speak for themselves (in words that is) and count on us to stand up for their rights. Every animal has a soul. It’s very helpful to extend Soul Clearings to our pets or to other animals that come into awareness. Animals are adversely affected by negative energies and the removal of these energies that don’t belong around them can profoundly improve the animal’s quality of life.

New Personal Coaching Package Available.
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As your personal Spiritual Guide and Coach, I assist in opening a new doorway to a higher frequency for you to create a life you love. I provide you with a structure of support to create changes in your life that you’ve not been able to do by your self, up until now.


You will learn tools to move you into a happier life by learning proven tools and taking action steps - nothing happens without action.

Your Soul is calling you to take your spiritual practice to the next level. Here you’ll satisfy a deep longing and desire to step into your personal power and live your life on purpose. Or "live your best life."

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"You cannot meet a more kind, empathic, warm and spiritual woman than Sharon Caren. She is truly created to make others feel wonderful and you can only walk away with more than you expected. She is a true professional and a most personable human being with a heart of gold. “ 


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