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Upcoming Events

Join me at one of my upcoming events. I love holding these events so I can help support and guide you in opening doors to your personal transformation for greater love, abundance, wellbeing and fulfilment. 

Thursday, February 9th, 6:00pm PST

Discovering a Life of Purpose & Bliss


You want to be motivated, but you just can't seem to get there.


Motivation is hard. It's something that we all want, but it's so hard to find and keep.


Join our live webinar and learn how to find lasting love, purpose and direction in your life using your energy levels as a guide. We will help you uncover what has been holding you back and give you the tools you need to move forward with confidence.


Register to receive your private workshop link.

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International Best Seller
Break Free to Peace, Love & Unity
Now Available!

Find the path to your best health and spiritual wellness together.

Our greatest need as humans is a deep connection within yourself and with others. We live in a time fraught with the need for stronger bonds, deeper connection, and love. The need to come together to Break Free to Peace, Love, and Unity is now! However, we all carry misconceptions that our background, history, or color make it impossible to experience such things. The truth is that it all starts from the heart. It is time to open up your heart even more – not only to give love and compassion but also to receive love and compassion.


The only way to Break Free is to OPEN your HEART to infinite possibilities of Peace, Love and Unity.


**It’s here!  Our powerful book “Break Free to Peace, Love & UNITY” Available on Kindle - BEST of all you do not need a Kindle to read it!

"Sharon Caren is love personified.  Sharon brings her unique intuitive gifts to her years of supporting people.  Not only is her knowledge of her subject deep, you feel loved by her very presence.” 


Elisabeth Stitt, Joyful Parenting Coaching

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