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Raise Your Frequency, Change Your Life
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About the Author

Sharon Caren is a spiritual intuitive, author, speaker and coach

Sharon Caren is a Spiritual and Intuitive Akashic Master and Guide. After a near-death experience at age 27, she became deeply connected to the spiritual world and the advantages of working within it. Her life’s work is now in the Akashic Records, helping people connect with their soul purpose, step into their personal power, and discover their path to a happy and fulfilled life. Sharon is known for her fluency and depth of spiritual wisdom, her mastery in identifying blockages and releasing old energies, and her compassionate, intuitive approach to transformation. She co-authored the Amazon bestselling anthology Break Free to Peace, Love and Unity and has been interviewed on shows such as Spiritually Raw and Karen Wright LIVE. 


Sharon works with individuals offering initial soul readings and clearings. Unwanted energies are identified and cleared, and clients get to know their soul group, purpose and gifts. People often report feeling deeply affirmed within themselves, lighter, and empowered in their life path and purpose. For clients who want to go further, she offers group and personal coaching deep dive  programs to support and guide them in opening doors to personal transformation for greater love, abundance, wellbeing and fulfillment. Sharon also offers a group Akashic Training Certification program for those who are ready to begin a spiritual business accessing the records, while deepening their intuitive gifts to grow their spiritual awareness and live more aligned and connected life.

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A collection of authentic stories

Powerful wisdom, tips, & insights

This book is a collection of authentic stories that provides powerful wisdom, tips, and insights around stepping more into your power and purpose.


As you do, you’ll become more empowered in your life, business, and career. This book will become a powerful resource to those that are looking to learn and grow as you start on the empowerment path. The result will be the freedom to live and shine fully!



"I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this book for your willingness to speak from your heart, and share with us some of your inner most feelings . I enjoyed reading this book and when I was finished, my heart was full."


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Find the path to your best health and spiritual wellness

"The theme is really inspiring and empowering. I recommend it to all the people as must read book for acquiring wisdom."


A compilation of unique and wonderful triumphs

Break Free to Peace, Love, and Unity is a compilation of unique and wonderful triumphs by everyday heroes from diverse backgrounds. The co-authors are entrepreneurs, humanitarians, mothers, daughters, fathers, husbands, neighbors, and friends. They are heart-centered leaders who believed that uniting together as one could make a bigger impact in the world to bring healing and loving-kindness in these uncertain times. They took a leap of faith to be vulnerable to bring the world to oneness, humanity, and compassion.

Our greatest need as humans is a deep connection...

We live in a time fraught with the need for stronger bonds, deeper connection, and love. The need to come together to Break Free to Peace, Love, and Unity is now! However, we all carry misconceptions that our background, history, or color make it impossible to experience such things. The truth is that it all starts from the heart. It is time to open up your heart even more—not only to give love and compassion but also to receive love and compassion. The only way to Break Free is to open your heart to infinite possibilities of peace, love, and unity.

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I would love to officially introduce myself and get to know you. Schedule your 20 min complimentary discovery call and we can discuss a path that will best support you in our work together.

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