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Find Your Unique Purpose

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Finding Your Soul's Unique Purpose

It is my mission to help women in transition to move successfully into a life they love. If you are a woman who's adjusting to life as a new mother, looking for the love of your life, lost a job, your children have moved away, relocated or retired, suffered an illness, suffered the death of a husband or child, or if you know you've come to do something special in this life, you have!  

REMEMBER “You are powerful beyond measure. You’ve got what it takes. You will get through this. Only YOU can bring your special gifts to the world.”


In love and light, Sharon 

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“Sharon’s Akashic Record training is the best out there by far in terms of the level of detail, explanation, content and support. You can build a thriving business based on what Sharon teaches you to do in this program. Whether you’re a novice or already have a healing practice, you can learn to do this work. Having Sharon answer questions for you is invaluable. I don’t believe there is a better Akashic Record reader around, so to have her as your guide and mentor is amazing. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to deepen their own work and help others.”

Lauren Brollier, Founder of Soul Savvy

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