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As your personal Spiritual Guide and Coach, I’ll assist in opening a new doorway to a higher frequency for you to create a life you love. Click below to learn more about the options to best support you in our work together.


Akashic Training Certification Course

Akashic Training Certification Course


Calling all Light Workers – It’s time to take action by choosing to express your divinity. This work is needed now more than ever. Souls are looking to work with you and you alone! I’m excited to share this expressive system from the Akashic field soul work with you.


Trust Your Intuition
Online Pendulum Course


Do you want to learn more about the Pendulum and how it works? Also, why using this ancient divination tool can actually make life easier? Here’s a fun and simple way to receive answers to life’s questions.


You will Learn:

  • The key points to success while using this ancient tool.

  • How to choose the best pendulum.

  • Correct body posture while using your Pendulum.

  • Blessing and training the Pendulum you use.


What You Get: Once you purchase the course, you will receive an email giving you access to the video and your downloadable worksheet of instructions!

Using the Pendulum is also a prerequisite for Akashic Training Certification.  Click here to learn more about the Akashic Training Certification and how you can learn more about Reading Akashic Records.

Breakthrough To Brillance
New Personal Coaching Package Available.
Breakthrough to Brilliance
With Sharon

As your personal Spiritual Guide and Coach, I assist in opening a new doorway to a higher frequency for you to create a life you love. I provide you with a structure of support to create changes in your life that you’ve not been able to do by your self, up until now.


You will learn tools to move you into a happier life by learning proven tools and taking action steps - nothing happens without action.

Your Soul is calling you to take your spiritual practice to the next level. Here you’ll satisfy a deep longing and desire to step into your personal power and live your life on purpose. Or "live your best life."

Personal Coaching Packages










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