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Your Soul

Group Masterclass



Next group starts

April 11th to June 27th

Have you been longing to be part of a group where you are supported in awakening to your soul’s true purpose and potential?

I had always wanted something like this, where I could feel connected and seen, where I could transform my energy, deeply know myself and feel confident on my path.  I knew there had to be other people who were feeling the same way… and that’s why I created this program!
Winding Roads

Ready for a transformative journey?

Discover a version of yourself you’ve always been seeking

The Embrace Your Soul Masterclass is a 12 week transformative journey to shift your energy and discover a version of yourself you’ve always been seeking.


You begin with a personal reading where we will go deep into your soul blueprint, to discover your origin and purpose, clear anything that no longer serves you, equip you with energetic protection and give you a detailed understanding of who you are on a soul level.


This session is an incredibly deep and fulfilling experience, and something that people often say is a turning point in their lives.


But for you, it will just be your starting point. From here, we’ll have 12 weeks to help you not only discover yourself on a soul level, but to become an empowered version of yourself. You’ll feel inspired and confident to live your life from a whole new perspective.

Limited spaces available

Your Masterclass includes ...


A meditation to shift your vibration,  A special teaching to awaken your hidden knowing, awareness and potential,  A Q + A session where you can receive personal attention for any challenge, uncertainty or experience you would like some guidance on. 


A Chakra Test and a Self - Assessment at the beginning of the program so we know your starting point and what you are here to transform - plus we’ll review it at the end of 12 weeks so you know exactly how far you’ve come!


Mastering energy & frequency systems, visioning, soul origination, using your intuition, connecting with your personal archangels, spirit guides, discovering past life meaning and so much more.


Your Initial Soul Clearing and Reading to know exactly who you are on a soul level and clear your energy for a brand new sense of purpose and self-awareness like never before. 


Embrace Your Soul

Hands Up

Join Us

Have you been longing to be part of a group where you're supported in awakening to your soul’s true purpose and potential?


The spiritual path can be lonely, isolating and confusing at times. It can be hard to know where to look for answers, guidance, support and wisdom.


You don't have to do it on your own.  Get results and find the community that you desire.

With all this guidance and direction, you’ll unleash your sacred creativity, learn to trust your inner knowing and begin to live life with your soul in the driver’s seat!


If you would love to feel free, empowered and supported in becoming the version of you that you KNOW you are deep down, I would love to show you how!  I’m here for you and I love you.


"I highly recommend Sharon! She is a gifted intuitive, healer and spiritual guide! My studies with Sharon deepened my understanding of my soul, thru her readings, clearings, insights, perspective on the soul, chakras, angels, energy… helping me live a more balanced and happy life!!"

LINDA RUBEL - from my Embrace Your Soul Masterclass

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