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IGNITE Your Spark With Chakras

I'm so grateful and excited to share this podcast interview with you!

Listen to it here!

"Sharon Caren is my guest today, and she is a fabulous Spiritual Coach. After a near death experience at the young age of 27, Sharon found herself on a spiritual journey of transformation. She studied the Akashic Records and by helping herself with her own transformation, realized that she could assist others on their journey by helping them receive new life tools to realize their unique gifts. Sharon is blessed to be able to assist others in clearing negative energies from their past that may be holding them back. Today we talk about the Chakra system, another speciality in Sharon's spiritual and transformational toolbox. Her knowledge of the Chakra system is more in depth than any I’ve encountered, and today we take the beginning of a deep dive into these energy centers and how they assist us in connecting our spiritual self to our human self. You may even find that any stuck energies you are currently experiencing begin to get cleared after you listen to this conversation - because Sharon leads us through a short meditation to help us ground and connect.

If you happened to catch my last solo episode where I spoke about how all of my previous guests had a gratitude practice, well here is one more. Sharon says that nothing gives us more energy than gratitude. And gratitude is the frequency of abundance. Who doesn't want more abundance in their life? If you go to Sharon's website you will find the link to get the free chakra guide that we speak of in the podcast, and it's very helpful!

For your copy of the free chakra guide visit: Thank you all for listening. Hugs and gratitude for liking, subscribing and commenting on IGNITE YOUR SPARK! Shine on ! Sharon: Instagram: Sharonsuniquespirit Facebook: Sharon Caren Kim: Instagram: @kimduffselby Facebook: Kim Duff Selby"

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