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Sharon's Hall of Records Interview Series - Christi Corradi

On the fourth Thursday of each month, I will bring together wellness and healing experts each month who will share how they use their unique techniques and practices. Join me in this exploration and experience ways my guests make a positive impact on our planet today.

Today's guest is Christi Corradi... Working in the arena of Personal Empowerment for three decades, Christi's experience has culminated in her career as a Transformational Life Coach (LMC) and Art Therapist (ATR). She is certified through the Life Mastery Institute and has worked over the last 6 years directly with Mary Morrissey, one of the world’s premier leaders in the human potential movement and the founder of the institute. As a Life Mastery Consultant, Christi provides coaching and creative workshops, using proven strategies that can stop self-doubt and fear, and can develop personal faith, self-love, and confidence that will carry us toward bigger dreams and a more expansive life.

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